Marketing guides for salons

From social media to graphic design, download these practical guides to help you get the job done right.

If your salon does Google ads, this will make them 1000% better

Salon owners are using online advertising today more than ever, and it completely makes sense. Gone are the days that word of mouth, good customer service, and having a central location are enough to keep your books full (although of course, those things are still very important!) Facebook and Google ads have

10 marketing ideas your salon probably isn’t doing (but should!)

Every so often it happens that I’m chatting with a salon owner on the phone, and she or he will tell me: “Stephanie, I’ve tried EVERYTHING for marketing and NOTHING is working. I’m out of ideas!” I usually smile inwardly to myself, because I know what they’re really saying. What they’re saying

How to pick the best colors ever for your salon brand

If you already have a color palette for your business and it’s perfect, this probably isn’t the blog post for you. But if you’re like many salon owners, my guess is that you broadly fall into one of these two camps: Many of the salon owners I talk with have been using

The ultimate guide to Instagram hashtags for salons

Maybe you absolutely love Instagram and can’t wait to share more photos of your work. Maybe you loath social media and it’s like pulling teeth to come up with a good photo and caption to post. Maybe you’re somewhere in the middle, and Instagram has become one of those things “you just gotta