Marketing guides for salons

From social media to graphic design, download these practical guides to help you get the job done right.

How your salon can use fun quizzes to get more clients

**Disclosure: this blog post is sponsored by Interact Quizzes, however I stand behind every word written. Thank you!**   If you’re looking for salon marketing ideas to promote your business online, have you thought about quizzes? I don’t mean a quiz to tell you which Disney Princess you are, but a quick

How to make a mood board for your salon brand (for free in Canva!)

A visual brand is the best way for your salon to stand out online among your competitors, and show the world who you are. When you create a consistent brand and use it faithfully, people come to recognize you by your colors and designs alone. The more you use it, the stronger

The Ultimate Salon Marketing Checklist: 52 marketing questions you need to answer

If you want your beauty business to grow and prosper, your marketing needs to be set up for success. But marketing is such a vast subject! There are always more things you *could* be doing, and it’s hard to know which ones to focus on first. Let’s be realistic: you’re super busy

All about blogging for salons + 10 ideas for articles your clients can’t WAIT to read

You’re a beauty business owner and you’ve thought in the past about whether blogging is right for you. It seems like it could be a good way to share information with your clients about your services, but at the same time… it seems like A LOT of work. Plus, you’re not great