Marketing guides for salons

From social media to graphic design, download these practical guides to help you get the job done right.

Top 10 golden pieces of wisdom to improve your salon’s social rating

Do you know what social proof is? The two words together can be pretty self-explanatory: When something is proven as high-quality because of social signals. You must have seen this in action hundreds of times in your salon. You get new clients come in because they were referred by a family member
email marketing for salons

Email marketing for salons: 3 simple steps for sending emails your clients love

What are the most important ways for you to get new clients? Facebook? Instagram? Word of mouth? How about turning “once in a while” clients into loyal clients? What if I told you there’s probably another way to do this, which can make 3800% return on the time you spend doing it?

Instagram marketing for salons: 3 mistakes you’re probably making

I probably don’t even need to tell you that Instagram should be a huge marketing priority for your salon. Could it be the fact that 96% of beauty brands are already using Instagram? The fact that 42% of US consumers decide where to spend their money because of social media? Or maybe

3 easy ways to make your salon website a money-making machine

Your website is like the living room of your salon. You might have a superb location, incredible staff, and do the best damn balayage in the whole city, but if it looks like garbage you WILL get judged for it and you WILL lose clients. I know that it’s one of those