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What we do + how we work
Increase your followers, likes, and ultimately your clientele with managed social media channels

Professional and beautiful posts to Instagram and Facebook

We listen to your goals and work with your team to create engaging content that leads to more activations and bookings

Add professional flair with stunning graphics on your social profiles

We set up beautiful email campaigns that reactivate previous clients while creating new ones

Our killer design team work with you to express your salon’s unique brand through logo design, branding packages, social media graphics and more.

Social media graphics creation and salon graphics that express who you are

Logo creation and branding package creation

Rebranding for when your salon needs to better express itself

Our SEO and web design teams create a beautiful website for your salon that climbs to the top of Google

Our premium SEO and website design services give you a professional touch with real results

Dominate Google search and mobile search in your city

We’ll help update your website with a newer design plus help you to get more clients, phone calls and bookings

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What we do

  • Social media
  • SEO
  • Website redesign
  • Email Marketing
  • Graphic Design

You know for a fact that it’s important to keep your social media fresh and engaging, but there aren’t enough hours in the day. We know.

To help you manage your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels, our team gets weekly photos from you (think before and after hair pics, staff and salon interior) and posts them daily along with the right picture edits, hashtags, links, and timing.

We also use our creative juices to come up with exciting contests, images, and stories your followers will love. We track the results (followers, likes, clicks, etc) and present them at the end of every month so you can see the progress.

Of course you want to be at the top when someone searches “hair salon in your city name”. And we’ll help you get there!

Our SEO expert will do an in-depth review of your website to see what can be improved for SEO, then will build a plan for you to continuously rank at the top, including keyword analysis, link building plans, content creation, and continuous website optimization.

SEO goes hand in hand with website redesign, because we want to make sure that once visitors land on your site, they turn into paying customers.

You loved your website when you first built it… 3 years ago. But since then the style is outdated and the pictures of staff, salon, and portfolio haven’t been updated in forever. We get it!

Along with giving your website an initial design facelift, we’ll keep your website updated for maximum SEO, as well as portfolio items, blog posts, and promotions.

Our SEO, content marketing, and design team members will work with your staff to keep your site 100% optimized and fresh.

Another one of those things you “should” be doing but one month turns to two turns to four and before your know it it’s been almost half a year since they heard from you.

Email is considered the TOP marketing activity with a return on investment of more than 3000% if done right.

Our expert design and content marketing teams work with you to understand what’s new and exciting at your salon and promote it in emails that will make your list click and book. We also work with you to grab more email addresses from your salon and online sites.

Does your salon's brand express who you really are, and who you want to be?

Our graphics design team specializes in creating beautiful brand for the beauty industry. Whether it's a new logo, a branding package that stands out, graphics for Instagram, or printed materials for your salon, we'll make your business a piece of art.