Finally, ready to make Facebook ads work to grow your client base?

Facebook ads are one of the best ways to quickly attract the attention of clients in your area and bring them in for an appointment. I’ve been working on Facebook ads for my own business for years, and recently I have been helping our salon clients to learn Facebook ads for themselves!

My Facebook ads coaching works like this:

  • Together we can up with a plan for what to promote on Facebook and who to target

  • I give you ideas and templates for Facebook ad text, images, and/or videos

  • We set up the Facebook ad campaign together over the phone

  • We target the right people and set up a budget

  • After 1 week, we go through the results, make any changes and continue to run the campaign for a month

Facebook Ads Coaching Package

Starting at $300 USD





Desarae from Beautiful You

50 booking requests for this Skincare Studio!

Beautiful You Skincare Studio was overwhelmed with the success of their Facebook ads campaign! Desarae and I put together a welcoming video ad to attract new clients. She had never been able to get these kind of results from Facebook ads before!


Debbie from Face It Skin Therapy

$1200+ in bookings with only $60 in ads!

Facebook ads aren’t just reserved for salons with a big marketing budget! I worked with Debbie from Face It Skin Therapy on several Facebook ads campaigns and we got a huge return on investment with very little ad budget.


Facebook ads work for every kind of beauty business. Why not yours?!

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