How to easily create a salon website that you're proud of

With social media pretty much taking over all aspects of business, marketing, and generally MAKING MONEY for your salon, there's something that gets majorly overlooked...

Your website.

Yep, that Wix website you made back in 2016, that you haven't updated in FOREVER because it's just too complicated/annoying/time-consuming. 🤦

You might be secretly embarrassed to show it off, because it doesn't feel like a real reflection of who you are.

So you kind of ignore it, and hope that those broken images, weird graphics, and missing text are only visible to you, and no one else noticed.

Plus, it's so much more fun to just stick with Facebook and Insta, right?!

Well, here's the cold hard truth... your website matters. A WHOLE lot.

Potential clients are looking at it every single day, it's how you get found on Google, and it can make the difference between hundreds of bookings, or only a handful.

If you feel like it's time to level up your website, finally make something your proud of, and make sure you get found... I have a video for you!!

Last week I interviewed Grant Kantsios all about creating a gorgeous website that you can't wait to show off.

Grant is a website and SEO (search engine optimization) wizard, and he also has a company called Happytans which is a simple website builder for spray tanners (but honestly, anyone with a beauty business can use it!)

Here's just a taste of the questions he answered...

  • What are the common mistakes salons make with their websites?

  • Is it better to make your site yourself, or hire someone to build it?

  • How come my website isn't showing up on Google or Maps?

  • What are the best booking apps to put on my website?

If you want to make your website both beautiful AND effective at bringing you business, watch our interview and learn how.

Enjoy the video! And if you have any questions about websites, leave me and Grant a comment so we can answer it!

SEOStephanie Mitchell