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When we're "scoping out" the competition (c'mon we all do it from time to time!), we tend to judge them and stack ourselves up based on certain numbers. Numbers like...

  •  How many Instagram followers they have

  •  How Facebook likes they have

  •  How many likes and comments their photos get

I've definitely been guilty of comparing my business to others based on these things, and it often ends in me feeling kinda crappy. Like I'm not good enough.

Has that ever happened to you?

The reason I'm bringing this up, is because those numbers up there - the followers, comments, likes, etc - are often not a fair reflection of your business or theirs.

Of course they do matter some, and seeing those numbers grow makes us feel good, but they often don't give you a true picture of a business' success.

So how do I measure my own business "success"?

Well, I try not to judge myself based on my social stats anymore.

Social stats actually mean very little, and like I said, it often leads to the jealousy bug and comparison heartache (not fun OR productive!)

Actually, I have a new way that I've been using in the past 2 years to see my business growth: my email list!

Email is how I grow my audience (more meaningful than a list of followers). It's how I build relationships (stronger than a like/follow). And it's how I make money (sorry, but engagement doesn't pay the bills!).

I want to show you how I've grown my email list and used it to make more money in my business. And how you can do the same for your salon!

Last week I did a one-hour live workshop where I show you exactly how to grow your salon's email list, use it to build relationships, and turn them into bookings.

It was such a fun workshop and I got a bunch of generous feedback from it:


Here's a taste of what you'll learn in this video workshop:

  •  How to get people in your city who have NEVER heard of you to connect with your salon through email

  •  How to create "Freebies" (think ebooks or guides) related to your beauty services to grow your list

  •  How to convert your new email list into paying clients

Sound like a project you want to work on? Watch the free workshop below!

Enjoy! And let me know what you thought!