How to use Google ads to get bookings -- without wasting money


Have you ever spent money on Google ads before? Or are you currently running ads? Does your heart sink thinking about how much you're spending without much to show for it?

If so, you HAVE to watch this interview! I chatted with Deidre from Define Marketing -- who has managed millions of dollars of ads for her clients, and she knows exactly how to turn Google Ads into a client-generation super machine! ⚙️

Deirdre showed us...

  • How Google ads work, and what kind of results you can get from them (you're gonna get excited when you see this part!)

  • How to set up a proper campaign A-Z with Google (no more guessing if you're doing it right!)

  • The main things your ad text and settings need to have to make you money and get appointments

  • The common mistakes many beauty business owners are making in their ads - avoid these!

Even if you've never run ads before, but you want to get a peek at how they work and IF they work (hint: they seriously do)...

Watch the video below to get the inside scoop about Google ads for your beauty biz

Stephanie Mitchell