All about blogging for salons + 10 ideas for articles your clients can’t WAIT to read


You’re a beauty business owner and you’ve thought in the past about whether blogging is right for you. It seems like it could be a good way to share information with your clients about your services, but at the same time… it seems like A LOT of work.

Plus, you’re not great at writing, you’re overworked as it is, and truthfully… you’re not sure what to blog about.

Maybe you’ve tried it once or twice in the past, and no one seemed to care about that blog post that took you all day to write. So that article from 2015 is still sitting there on your salon’s blog. Waiting to be found.

Let me stop you right there. I know you’re curious about blogging. But I know you're also wondering it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

I'm here to set the record straight: Blogging can be SUCH a powerful promotional tool.

It helps people find your salon on Google. It brands you and your business as experts in your beauty niche. And it is perfect for getting new clients and increasing re-bookings.

In this blog post you’ll learn exactly why blogging is a good idea for your salon, ideas for blog posts your clients will LOVE to read, and how to promote your new blog posts to get attention, build a community, and get found on Google.  

Why your salon should seriously consider blogging

The first thing I want to start with is:

Don’t just blog for the sake of blogging. Blog with a goal in mind, and provide real value to your readers.

If you keep in your mind that the main purpose of your blogs is to educate or inspire JUST ONE PERSON, you will start seeing huge results.

You’ll start getting super positive feedback on social media:


You’ll be seen as a leader and an expert in your beauty niche.

And you’ll also get the added bonus of free traffic to your website from Google (something we all want!)

Just look at how blogging has completely changed my business. This is the traffic to my website from Google in the past 12 months:


Google search is one of the top ways that people find out about my business, and it’s perfect. Because they’re actively looking for answers to questions like “how do I find hashtags for my salon’s Instagram?” or “how can I make a beauty business website?”

Imagine if people in your city were searching for solutions to their beauty questions and they found you.

And not only did they find your website, but they also read an inspiring blog post that helps them.

They about know you, they like you because of your helpful blog post, and they now trust you enough to call you for an appointment.

It’s not magic, it’s blogging.

First things first: what you need in order to start blogging for your beauty business

In essence, blogging is one of the most natural and beautiful things you can do to connect with other people.

It’s taking your knowledge and thoughts and sharing it with someone else in an easy-to-digest format that helps them in some way.

More practically, to get started with blogging you only need a few things:

1. An understanding of the basics of blogging and why it’s so important (you’re reading this article, so you can tick this one off!)

2. A website for your business. Even a free website with Wix or Weebly is okay!

3. A blog page for your website. All website builders come with a section for writing blog posts. Activate!

4. An idea for what to write about. Not there yet? You’ll love the next section!

5. 1-2 hours of free and clear time. The best time to write a blog post is when you’re feel motivated and not distracted.

6. A commitment to blogging regularly. Did you see my graph above? I only started seeing results from blogging once I committed to doing it regularly. Start with once a month and keep going!

That’s it! Writing blog posts is very simple and doesn’t need to cause you stress.

Now, I can probably bet what you’re next question will be. "But Stephanie, what do I write about?"

Read on, my friend!  

But what do I blog about?? 10 blog post ideas for salons


As a rule, the best blog topics are things that you’re knowledgable about, passionate about, and what your clients want to read.

But what if you’re completely out of ideas?   Here are 10 fresh themes for salon blog posts that you can get started on writing today:  

10 myths about _____

For example:
10 myths about acne I hear every day

Why it works: If you choose a hot topic, this blog post title will pull people in, because they probably believe some of the same myths.

Also, if you set the record straight, you’re providing valuation information and branding yourself as the expert.  

Why I can’t live without these 5 products

For example:
Why I’ll be taking these 5 hair products on vacation with me

Why it works: You get to give your opinion, which everyone secretly want to know, plus you can recommend retail products available on your website or storefront.  

What I’ve learned in my first year of business

For example:
What I’ve learned in 10 years as a hairdresser

Why it works: This is a way for you to relate to your clients on a personal level, even if you have different careers. Personal development and learning is always interesting, and everyone loves a great story.  

_______ is all the rage… but does it really work?

For example:
Microblading is so hot this year... but is it worth the investment?

Why it works: Jumping on a hot topic always piques ones interest. Plus, you get to play devils advocate and possibly stir up opinions, which ALWAYS draws a crowd :)  

Breaking down this celebrity’s look (a beauty tutorial)

For example: 
How Kim K got those beachy waves on the red carpet

Why it works: We all love a good DIY (so useful!), plus you get to tie it into a look that's trending, which makes it even more appealing. Try including lots of photos and even a video in this blog post.  

Why I think ______ will be the most important trend 

For example:
Why water-less pedicures will take over this year

Why it works: Everyone likes to be "in the know" about important trends, and you get to position yourself as the expert while giving your opinion and advice.  

These are the top local businesses I support

For example: 
My favourite vegan food hangouts in NYC

Why it works: A local "list" blog post is perfect for getting found on Google. If you write it with your ideal client in mind, they may search for "best vegan restaurants in NYC", find your blog post, and learn more about your business.  

Spotlight on our newest team member

For example:
How our skin therapist Amanda found her true life calling in making people confident in their skin

Why it works: People want to connect with you as humans, not as a business! By showing the personal side of your staff members, you're creating a connection that will last.  

Here’s a beauty hack you’re going to want to share with your friends

For example:
This one simple trick will make your hair silkier and save you a TON of time getting ready

Why it works: Some might call it clickbait, but everyone loves a good life hack! Just make sure you can back it up with a real trick that most people don't know. These articles are also uber sharable on social media.  

6 commonly asked questions about _______

For example: 
6 things you need to know about going blonde for the first time

Why it works: Lists (aka listicles) are easy to read and attract attention (notice what I snuck into the title of this blog post?)  

Want this article in a quick, easy easy-to-read PDF? Download my "Salon blogging Cheat Sheet" below!

Ready to start writing? Here are my top tips for writing your blog posts


1. Make your blog scannable like this one. Include headings and subheading so readers can scan it and still get all the best info. Remember to put important points in bold.

2. Include lots of pictures! Either take your own photos with your staff members or products (my favourite option) or use a free stock photo site like

3. Make your personality shine through. Folks hate reading stuffy, formal language. Plus it’s no fun for you and it takes more time. Write how it comes naturally to you and you’ll find your blog as another way of getting potential clients to connect with your personality.

4. Don’t write your blogs with a length in mind. Give just enough info so that your blog post in entertaining and educational, but you’re not putting people to sleep.

5. Dealing with writers block: I always start out with a "skin and bones” structure before writing a full-on blog post. First, ask yourself “What is the purpose of this post?” What are the five most important things I want to share? Jot them down in point form. Then underneath of each of these points, add a few more bullets. What are the essential pieces of info for each section? If you start your blog with a basic point form structure, you’ll find it much easier to fill in the blanks.

6. Start with why it’s important. You’ve got to hook your readers in at the very beginning of your blog post. So start each blog off with a sentence or two about why your reader should care. Why is this such a hot topic? Why is skin hydration essential? If they feel from the start that something is important, you’ll hook them and they’ll want to read more.

7. Read your blog post one more time… aloud. I know it sounds awkward and unnecessary, but you’d be surprised how many missing words and grammar errors can be picked up just by reading your blog post out loud. I’m all for keeping your tone casual and friendly and bursting with personality, but poor grammar reflects badly on your business.  

Before you hit “Publish”…

So you've written your first blog post, which I'm sure is fantastic! But before you hit publish, remember to do two things:

Make the most out of your blog posts, include a call to action!

At the end of each blog post ask your readers to do something. You’ll be surprised at how many take action!

If you’re talking about a specific service in your blog post, link to your booking page to book an appointment. If the goal of your blog post is to introduce yourself or one of your staff, ask people to comment on the article introducing themselves too. If you’re talking about 5 myths about microblading, put together a free guide about choosing the right microblading artist and get them to download it in exchange for their email address.

Including some sort of “call to action” whether that’s a link to book and appointment or a way to collect email addresses means that you maximize your blog post. You’re bringing new people into your tribe (people who aren’t clients yet but found your blog post and are now on your email list) and you’re getting more revenue based actions from it.

Optimize your blog post so that it helps you get found on Google

One of the beautiful things about Google is that people who have a problem and are looking for a solution will find you and your website!

There are lots of different things you can do to improve your salon’s Google ranking (I list 24 of them in my blog post here)

One of the things that Google loves to see is an active website full of relevant content. Blogging regular is exactly what Google wants to see (remember the graph I shared about my own website above?)

Actually writing a blog post is a great start, but you also want to optimize it to get found on Google.


Here’s how to optimize your blog post for SEO:

1) Link to other pages on your website where possible. This is called internal linking and it will help your overall website SEO. Do you mention a color correction service in your blog? Link to that page of your website!

2) Make a list of several “keywords” for each blog post. If someone were searching on Google and they came across your blog post thinking “perfect, that’s what I was looking for!”… what would they have typed into Google? Keywords can be several words long, so don’t think about something too general like “facial”. Go for more specific phrases like “facials for people with sensitive skin”. Instead of Microblading how about “Does microblading hurt?”

3) Don’t forget about geographical keywords. In your keyword list, include some keywords related to your neighbourhood, city, or region. “best balayage Toronto”, “Boston lash lift” etc.

4) Include several keywords in your blog post. When I say several, I don’t mean to stuff as many keywords in as possible. This will raise a red flag for Google, and will result in a blog post that sounds strange and false. Choose 3 keywords/phases and include them in the title and body of your blog post in a way that sounds natural and non-spammy.  

Okay, so I wrote my blog post… now what?

You took a slow Tuesday morning and tapped out a juicy blog post about your favourite beauty icons and their unforgettable styles (bonus idea!) and you’re super proud of it. You should be!

But the next question is, what do you do with this blog post?

Each business is unique, but my guess is that your blog posts have one or more of these goals:

1. To brand yourself of an expert and educator to your current clients 2. To nudge your current clients to book an appointment 3. To get the attention of potential clients who are familiar with you online 4. To get found on Google and bring in more business

These are all equally important and valid goals, and blogging can help you to achieve all of these while growing your salon business.

Let’s see how we can promote your freshly minted blog post to use it as a branding and promotional tool.

Write an email to your client list


The first step to promoting your blog post is a beautiful, branded, personality-filled and EDUCATIONAL email.

Email is my favourite way to reinforce your personal brand as a beauty professional (you can read all about email marketing for salon here). And the great thing is, email and blogging go hand in hand!

Whenever you publish a new blog post, send out a preview of it with a link to the whole article via email. But don’t stop there. If you have personal stories, photos, or anything else that you want to share, put it in your email!

If you keep your emails valuable and personal (just like your blog posts!), your email list will love getting them and reading what you have to say:

Promote your blog post on social media

This one probably goes without saying. You took all that time to write a blog post, of course you want to share it with the world!

The best way to promote your blog post on Instagram is not with a graphic of text that says “New blog post” - Instagram is about beautiful photos, not text!

Instead, post a photo of you, your staff, or something beautiful and relevant to your blog post (if you’re not sure what to do for photos, try out this photo website:

Then in the description, talk about your blog post and tell them to click the link in your bio to read it:


On Facebook, times have changed and posting a link to a blog post is usually not enough to get attention anymore (unless you want to pay for Facebook ads, which you can read more about here)

What’s really working on Facebook is video! Video that’s real and personal. Get on camera and make a quick 1 minute video talking about what your blog post is about and why it’s important, and tell them to click the link above to read the whole blog post:


Don’t forget word of mouth promotion

This last promotion tactic is under-used but can make such an impact!

I can’t even tell you how many times I’m chatting with a salon owner in person, over the phone, or email/social media and they ask me a question about marketing. And I have the perfect answer in a blog post!

I get their email address and shoot them an email with a link, or I just respond back to them with a link. So easy, but every time you can share more knowledge with someone by referring them to your blog posts, you’re seen as an expert and an educator.  

Ready to get started with blogging? Here are some of my favourite beauty blogs to inspire you

The HeyDay Facial Bar Blog:


I love HeyDay’s emails and their blogs. Professional, polished, and super useful facts about health and skincare!

Benefit Cosmetics Blog:


The Benefit blog is bright, beautiful and full of fun ideas for makeup! I also love the fact that they do a mix of video tutorials, photos, and a natural (not forced) focus on their products.

Lush Canada Blog:


The Lush blog is such a good example because they don’t just blog about beauty and their products. They write about issues their customers care about such as animal welfare, human rights, free speech and more.

A good reminder that your blog isn’t just about selling your services, it’s a place to connect with your clients about topics that matter to both you and them.  

In conclusion

If you’re looking for ideas for marketing your salon, you should seriously consider blogging.

A salon blog can help you to:

1. Brand yourself of an expert and educator to your current clients

2. Nudge your current clients to book an appointment

3. Get the attention of potential clients who are familiar with you online

4. Get found on Google and bring in more business

And it doesn’t have to be that hard! If you blog about your passions and interests, you’ll find that your ideal clients love to read what you’re sharing.

Good luck!

Before you go! Want this article in a quick, easy easy-to-read PDF? Download my "Salon blogging Cheat Sheet" below!