How to sell salon and spa retail with confidence


I was lucky enough to interview Daniela Woerner from Spa Marketing Made Easy (know her podcast? it's fabulous!) about how to sell retail products in your salon with confidence, even if selling makes you sweat!

Daniela has a program called Spa Retail Rockstars, and she dropped some 24 carat secrets for us. Things like...

  •  How to close the sale when your clients say they're on a budget

  •  The gift card campaign she runs over the holidays that sells like hotcakes

  •  The mindset changes you need to have if you truly want to sell by educating, instead of being "salesy"

  •  How much money you can ACTUALLY make if you put your time and attention into retail (hint... it's a whole lotta cash that's on the line)

Want to power up your retail game over the holidays, and feel confident about selling with integrity? Watch the video below!

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