Welcome to Sunnystorm Marketing! A note from the founder


However you made it here, I’m happy you’re checking out Sunnystorm. I’ve been a marketer for my whole professional life and this new business of mine is a way for me to wrap up all my experience into a package that helps small businesses.

Every part of our lives is going online, and for traditional “brick and mortar” businesses who have flesh and blood clients this can sometimes be a huge trial. Who has time to be tweeting and pulled into the computer world when you’ve got impatient customers right in front of you? I know, and I’ve been there myself.

But going digital doesn’t have to be a huge headache.

This area of the website is where Sunnystorm will be posting 100% free and practical guides to lead you through the many puzzles and landmines that are online marketing.

We’ll see you back here soon! And thanks again for reading!

Stephanie Mitchell, Sunnystorm Founder