47 marketing resources for hairdressers, estheticians, and beauty-preneurs

Running your own business and keeping up with the day-to-day is usually what occupies our minds. When you’re so busy working with clients, cleaning, scheduling, dealing with accounting… it can often feel like you’re only working IN your business instead of working ON your business.

But you’ve got some pretty big goals you want to achieve for your beauty business in the next few years, right? And in order to get there, you know you’ve got to be strategic and work ON your business.

Client growth, revenue growth, even the growth of your physical space — they all rely on great marketing. Whether it’s getting found in Google searches, building a brand that makes you the “Go to salon” in your area, or running ads that get butts in your chair, it’s all about getting your marketing right.

Professionally, I’ve been doing online marketing my whole working life - since I graduated university in 2012 - and for me most of these things (social media, advertising, writing, websites, etc) come naturally. I love them. But I know that they’re not so easy for many business owners.

That’s why I started this blog in 2017 - so I could share some ideas, inspiration, and “step by steps” about marketing for beauty business owners. Since then, I’ve written more than 100,000 words (I know, crazy to think about it!), published multiple eBooks, and done countless hours of videos.

But I realized I’ve never shared all of these free marketing resources in one place before! So today, I’m putting them all in one easy, searchable place for you, so you can level up your beauty business through smart marketing.

Here’s a summary of the topics you can choose from (click the link to go directly to that section):

Building your personal brand

Killing it on Instagram

Facebook ads that work

Crafting a gorgeous website

Getting found on Google

Email marketing for revenue growth

Stunning visual branding

Apps, tools, and creative marketing ideas

Business inspiration and mindset

Enjoy these free marketing resources! And don’t forget to bookmark this page or save it on Pinterest so you can come back to it later.

Building your personal brand


Every single beauty business owner NEEDS a personal brand. No, it’s no longer just reserved for celebrities and authors. Your personal brand is how you communicate about your expertise, value, and personality in order to attract your ideal clients to you. The reason I put it first, is because once you’ve established your personal brand, the rest of your marketing will get soooo much easier!

I’ve used my personal brand to build up my business and become recognized as an expert in beauty business marketing, which has changed the whole course of my business - for the better.

Do you want to become known as THE expert in balayage in your city? The go-to microblader? The only logical option for personalized facials? Then you need to build your personal brand, girl! Here are some of my best articles to help you do it:

Personal branding 101 for beauty professionals - Learn the basics and understand why having a personal brand is so crucial for your career

How to put your own personality into your salon's marketing - Your marketing should not be dry, boring and basic! Learn how to turn your unique personality into your business’ secret weapon.

3 powerful ways to build your personal brand as a beauty-preneur - My 3 favourite ways to grow your personal brand in a way that builds your clientele.

Killing it on Instagram


You KNOW that your ideal clientele is scrolling through Instagram every single day, and they would love to discover fabulous salons in the area. But with so many other accounts competing for space, how do you stand out?

Instagram is the number 1 FREE marketing tool available to every single hairdresser, esthetician, makeup artist, nail tech out there. It’s just a question of using it wisely.

Success on Instagram all comes down to consistency, quality posts, and using the tools that Instagram gives you to get in front of more potential clients. These guides are going to help you big time to do it right:

Instagram for salons 101: Everything you need to know to set up and grow your account - If you’re just getting started and aren’t super familiar with Instagram, this is a great starting-out guide.

One Month of Salon Instagram Posts - I wrote this ebook a few months back and it’s been FLYING off my digital shelves. You get post prompts and inspiration for a whole month, for any kind of beauty business.

The ultimate guide to Instagram hashtags for salons - Hashtags are such an important part of getting found, but many businesses are using them wrong! Learn how to get more engagement and followers by using the right ones.

How to make your salon decor "Instagram worthy" on a budget - I love this creative way of standing out on Instagram: make your salon space so gorgeous, people can’t wait to snap selfies and share them on Insta - free advertising for you!

5 fresh ways to use social media for your salon (other than showing pics of your work) - Still just using your feed as a space to share pics of your work? If so, you’re missing out on some creative ways to promote your business on Instagram!

8 ideas for beautiful Instagram photos for your salon - Feel like you’re not great at taking photos for Instagram? Don’t worry, in this guide you’ll get fresh ideas for gorgeous photos to share.

How to sell more salon retail through Facebook and Instagram - Especially as we creep towards the Christmas season, use these ideas for promoting gift cards and retail products on Instagram!

How to get more Instagram followers by creating a beautiful visual theme - Having a “themed” Instagram, with photos that all follow the same aesthetic, is a great way of growing your following and engagement.

Facebook ads that work

If you’ve followed along with me and my content, you know it’s not a secret that I adore Facebook ads. I truly think they’re one of the best ways to grow your business and attract paying clients.

However, they’re often done completely wrong. And it’s not your fault: Facebook doesn’t really give much guidance as to what goes into a profitable Facebook ad campaign.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to teach beauty entrepreneurs how to set them up right and show the best side of their business through irresistible Facebook campaigns that actually work.

eBook: The Guide to Facebook Ads for Salons - This 18-page ebook is going to make your life so much easier! I show you step by step what to put in your ad, who to target it to, and how to optimize it to make it profitable.

Should your salon use "boosted posts" to get clients on Facebook? - If you’ve ever used boosted posts for your salon, and been disappointed that all you got were some random likes and comments, you need to read this.

The 6 biggest mistakes that salons make in their Facebook ads - Make sure you avoid these common mistakes so that you don’t waste money on ads that don’t work.

4 things Facebook can do for your salon that Instagram can't - If you feel like your audience is only on Instagram, think again. Here are 4 important reasons to pay attention to Facebook for your marketing.

How to make binge-worthy videos for your salon's Facebook page - A huge part of crafting profitable ads is doing videos that get your ideal clients excited. Learn how to easily make videos they love with this guide.

Facebook ads for salons: Exactly how we made $2150 in bookings with $210 in ads - Want to see some fun Facebook ads in action? Here I show you a campaign I set up with a facial spa that was uber-profitable!

Crafting a gorgeous website

Your website is home-base. It’s how clients decide whether you’re “legit, professional and fabulous” or “not sure if they’re even a real business”. Yes, you do need a website, and yes, most new clients will want to look at yours before deciding to book with you!

My website is made with Squarespace, but if you’re looking for something simple I recommend Wix. Whatever website builder you’re using, follow along with these guides for ideas to make it gorgeous and get you more bookings:

Salon Website Inspiration: 9 truly great salon websites to inspire you - If you’re tired of looking at a blank, boring page, it’s time to get inspired by these beautifully designed websites.

How to make your salon website branded and beautiful - Instead of just using a standard template, follow this guide to craft a unique website you’re proud to show off!

All about blogging for salons + 10 ideas for articles your clients can't WAIT to read - Blogging is a fantastic way of sharing your expertise as a beauty professional, not to mention helping your salon to get found on Google.

Infographic: 10 things your salon website must have before launch - If you’re a new beauty business, and just getting your website started, make sure you’ve got these 10 things in place before you press “Publish”!

Getting found on Google


The majority of people, when searching for a new hair salon, nail salon, or esthetician, will turn to Google. At work on their computer, or sitting on their couch on their phone, they’ll type in “best hair salons nearby” and they’ll usually choose one of the top 10 in the search results.

So how can you make sure that your salon gets in that coveted top 10 position? It’s not a matter of luck or chance, actually. It’s completely within your control where your salon ends up on Google. Here’s how to get found:

How to use Google My Business to attract more salon clients - Google My Business is your profile that shows up on Google maps with a list of your reviews. Make sure you’ve set it up right so it becomes a client referrer.

5 easy "hacks" to get your salon found on Google - SEO (Search engine optimization) doesn’t have to be hard! Here are some easy things you can do this afternoon to help your Google ranking.

Your salon clients are doing their research before booking with you - Finding a new salon is a journey - from search to social media to websites. Find out what you can do to help lead their online search to you.

SEO for Salons: 24 ways to get to the top of Google - Ready to jump into some advanced SEO for your beauty business? This guide shows you everything you need to know.

Google AdWords for salons: how to make $3,600 in bookings with $175 in ads - If you’re thinking about investing in Google ads, read this first! It shows you step by step how to set up a successful ad.

Email marketing for revenue growth


Other than Facebook Ads, email marketing is the number 1 tool I use to connect with my audience and make more money in my business. Getting someone to open up, read, and enjoy your emails is so much more intentional and meaningful than a simple Instagram “like”.

The problem is, many businesses are sending spammy, salesy emails that people just don’t enjoy reading. What people love to read are personal, fun, educational emails that provide real value. Once you’ve done that, it’s so much easier to get them to pay attention and take action (like booking an appointment). Here’s how:

The ultimate guide to building your salon’s email list (and making sales from it!) - Want to grow your email list full of people who would LOVE to book an appointment with you? In this guide I show you how.

Email marketing for salons: 3 simple steps for sending emails your clients love - Some easy ways to make sure that your emails get read and appreciated.

How to build your personal brand through email marketing: A guide for beauty professionals - Email is also the perfect place to share your expertise and personality. This guide shows you how to make your personal brand shine through in your emails.

Stunning visual branding


Your logo, colors, designs, and photographs speak volumes about what kind of salon you are. Are you sure they’re saying the right thing?

When you take your visual brand seriously and make sure it looks cohesive and professional, you’ll find that it’s easier to get the engagement, bookings, and revenue growth you want. It may seem superficial, but “looking good” online really does make a huge difference to your bottom line.

eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Beautiful Salon Brand - This was my second ever ebook I published, and it’s a big and juicy one. There are more than 50 pages with ideas and examples of designing your unique brand.

How 5 beauty salons have created a unique, consistent brand online - Get inspired by these beauty salons that have done an incredible job of making a strong brand that gets attention.

How to take gorgeous photos for your salon (a DIY guide) - Taking beautiful photos on a regular basis will make your marketing go so much smoother, and give you a professional edge. Learn how to set up a photoshoot in this guide.

How to make a mood board for your salon brand (for free in Canva!) - A mood board is a collection of fonts, colors, and images that makes up your visual brand. Learn how to make one for free and upgrade your designs!

Branding for salons: How to define your salon personality to create a platinum brand - Your salon absolutely has its own personality and style. And that should be expressed in its visual brand!

How to pick the best colors ever for your salon brand - Still not sure the right color scheme for your brand? Learn how to easily pick out a beautiful palette here.

Where to find pretty, on-brand stock photos for your salon - Although I always recommend you do your photos yourself, there’s always room for stock photos in marketing (like the ones I’ve used in this blog). Here are some inexpensive, non-cheesy stock photo websites you’ll love.

Apps, tools, and creating marketing ideas


I personally use more than 15 tools on a regular basis for my marketing. From Photoshop, to video editors, to email marketing software, to online payments… there’s a lot to keep track of! But we’re so blessed to live in an age where doing business is made easier through inexpensive tools that you can use online.

In this section, I’ve included some ideas for tools and websites that will make your marketing easier, plus some general marketing ideas that didn’t fit anywhere else in the list (I had to put them somewhere!)

6 salon marketing apps that will make your life easier - Some of my favourite apps the make social media, graphic design, and promotion a snap.

How your salon can use fun quizzes to get more clients - Quizzes are such a unique way to engage potential clients and hook them into your services. See how easy it is in this how-to guide.

10 marketing ideas your salon probably isn't doing (but should!) - Want some different ways to market your business other than Instagram and Google? Read this!

eBook: Seven smart ways to get 7 new salon clients this week - My most recent ebook has been hugely popular, as I show you some unique, uncommon ways to get new clients through your door.

The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing for Salons - Ever thought about using micro-influencers in your city to promote your beauty services? It’s an inexpensive but super effective way to grow your business! Learn how to do it here.

Video marketing for salons: 6 apps you need for awesome Facebook and Instagram videos - There are so many cool apps out there that make video marketing a snap instead of a headache. See my favourite ones here.

The Ultimate Salon Marketing Checklist: 52 marketing questions you need to answer - If you love lists, and you want to make sure your marketing is always on point, this one’s for you.

The 5 salon marketing ideas you need to get right to attract new clients - The 5 core marketing pillars you need to get right in order to grow your business like crazy.

How to create the perfect salon marketing plan for 2019 (that will save you time and money) - I’m a huge believer in planning out your year in advance. You can repurpose this 2019 for 2020 and make sure you’re ready for the year ahead!

3 things your salon MUST know before using Yelp - Yelp can actually be a surprisingly effective way of getting bookings, as long as you’re aware of these 3 things.

Business inspiration and mindset


Before finishing off this massive resource list, I wanted to leave you with some words of inspiration for your business journey. Although I’m all about the marketing strategies, I also know how important it is to have your brain set right in order to get results.

When we feel confident, positive, and productive, every single thing we do for marketing will have 10 times as much impact. That’s why my final two resources are some business lessons that I and other entrepreneurs have learned in our own journeys. I hope they help you on yours as well!

5 crazy business lessons I learned from my $38,000 launch - This year I launched my online program for beauty entrepreneurs, and made more money in three weeks than I had in a whole year just a little while ago. And I learned some surprising lessons from the experience that I think you’ll relate too, as well.

Priceless advice from 6 and 7-figure beauty business owners - I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing so many amazing beauty business owners, and I chose 5 amazing interviews to share with you, as these women share their secrets for success.